Steam and Sauna

Sauna and steam bath is an effective way to progress your health condition and get relieved from stress and pain. Sauna Bath It is a sort of sweet b at by heating the room about 180 fahrenheit  sauna room is usually decorated with soft woods, contains store that is used to provide heat. Benefits Results glowing healthy skin Provides cardiovascular workout helps condition of heart Open skin pores, soothes ,sore muscles and increase the circulation Metabolic waste products are secreted through skin Can induce deep sleep Burn calories     Steam Bath Steam Bath is fed with a steam generator which produces thick clouds of mist. Steam room is created when water filled generator pumps steam into enclosed space. So, there is moisture in the air. The temperature inside room is generally between 110F and 114F with humidity level of 100 percent. Benefits Improves circulation Healthy skin Reduce stress Loosens stiff joints Opens up sinuses        


30 mins - Rs. 900

45 mins - Rs. 1170

60 mins - Rs. 1530