Facial Items Simply facial is a beauty treatment for the face. It follows the steps of cleansing well, exfoliating, massaging of face, steaming, masking get toning and moisturizing obviously.   Cleansing provides deep cleansing to your skin Steaming during facial opens skin pores which is essential for the skin to breathe easily. Scrubbing removes the dead cells from your skin and removes white heads. Removal of white heads and black heads ensures removal of blockages in skin pores. Facial massage is essential for better blood circulation for the skin and relax you. Face mask are essential for making the face skin bright, firm and soft.    


Aloevera Facial - Rs. 2000.00

normal facial - Rs. 2000.00

sehenaz facial - Rs. 4000.00

Aroma facial - Rs. 3500.00

Golden facial - Rs. 3500.00

Pimple treatment - Rs. 2500.00

Face Cleanising - Rs. 1000.00